The journey starts here

Well hello there, friends, family or people we might not know. This here is our first post ever. Like ever,  on our blog dutchiesontheroad. It might be handy if we introduce ourselves. The we on dutchiesontheroad are Larissa and Susanne, aka Liz and Suus. We are in our twenties. The exact age is top secret. Like 007 top secret:P And this blog is dedicated to our journey.

We’ve been dreaming about seeing the world for many years. Not just through several separate vacations. No. By going away for several months and literally traveling around the world, from east to west. The opportunity hasn’t always been there. Because of University, getting some work experience, trying to figure out what exactly we want to do with our lives, and most of all the money issue of course:P

The beginning
Last year we were having a drink in our hometown Hilversum, Hillywood to some;) As always we couldn’t stop talking, but all of a sudden Suus had a revelation. “I want to see the world. Right now. You in?” And of course Liz didn’t hesitate for a moment and was like Yolo let’s go (no pun to the Ramones intended:P). This was the beginning of the big journey of dutchiesontheroad. The planning started. Where do we want to go, what can we afford, how can we see it all??? etc. After a long look at the world map we made a list of the countries we wanted to visit and would fit in our time frame and budget.

Suus and Liz
Without hesitation we made an appointment at Kilroy Amsterdam, a travel agency, to get our tickets. The man who helped us asked us questions like: how long we wanted to stay where and “Alaska? You know that in the winter it will mostly be dark?” It was obvious how unprepared we were, aka the story of our lives. After some questionable looks between us we just made some decisions right then and there. Thank God we were able to make some changes later.

So when we got home we did some serious thinking (as serious it can get between us) and began planning our trip. The guy at Kilroy gave us a good ticket deal and we just went for it. Yolo to the max. Bring on the many memories that we’ll make, make us richer (money wise maybe not, depending on how Liz works the tables in Vegas;), but definitely come back overflowing with different life experiences. And probably with lots of back pains, or a very strong back, it can go either way. Mainly because we have to carry our whole life in a backpack. In one backpack! Of 60 liters! How the hell are all of our shoes, favorite jeans, tees and jackets going to fit in there?!?! How? Tell us?!?! Ok. Just breathe. We can do it. As one of our favorite philosophers says: “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.”

The road ahead
Our Journey is going to take us about seven months to complete. We will start in Hanoi, Vietnam, and end in New York City on New Year’s eve. We can’t wait to see what’s out there. To taste different food, experience many cultures, tick off a few boxes of our bucket list, meet new people. We’re sure that many took the same trip before us, and the footsteps we leave behind in the countries we’ll visit will be nothing compared to the footsteps already there. But we sure as hell are going to try and compete with them!

This blog is dedicated to our journey. We will post our stories, Haikus and pictures etc. Some might be better than others, blame it on the booze or the heat when reading something that’s a little weird. Expect a lot of swearing on Lizzy’s part, movie quotes, music quotes and maybe some panic attacks:P Don’t be scared by our overuse of emoticons, bad jokes or ‘occasional’ use of bad words. This is just the way we express ourselves the best:P And our English might not be perfect, but we are and will always be Dutch. Like Johan Cruijff would say: “Listen, before I make a mistake, I don’t make that mistake.”

We plan to post stuff on our blog as often as possible, as long as Lord WIFI will grant our wish of, yeah you guessed it right, WIFI!! We definitely can’t wait to go, start our engines, get on the damn plane, to have lift offff!! So join us on our journey and follow us on Instagram: @dutchiesontheroad and Twitter: @DutchiesOTRoad

Xxx Lizzy and Suus

P.S. If you feel the unmistakable need to help us on our journey, we graciously accept donations (in the form of a meal, a place to stay, a tip, product placement, or just plain old money, do drop us a line;) Our first product advertisement is already here in the form of a GoPro HERO4 Silver that Suus got from her awesome work @tomswholesale. Aka our pictures will be sponsored by GoPro:D And feel free to share this blog/posts amongst friends and family, let’s get this mother fucker viral:D


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