The road of the dutchies

So, we’re going away for seven months, but what are we going to do in this short amount of time?:P Our first starting point is Hanoi. And after this it’s traveling through Asia for 3 months.

Kaart Azie 1
As you can see we are going to travel through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia from 28 May till 21 July.

Part 2 Asia
We’re flying from Singapore to Jakarta and from there we’re going to travel through Java. Our mindblowing trip through Asia is going to end in the “Eat, Pray, Love” island Bali.

Kaart Azie 2
Part 3 Australia, New Zealand and Fiji
After a short flight from Denpasar, Bali, we arrive in the Dundee country, Australia. We start in Brisbane and make our way down to Sydney and Melbourne. We are expecting a lot of “Goodday mate”, koala’s in our arms and kangaroos in the streets. The next stop is our LOTR pilgrimage in New Zealand. Sauron beware:D. It’s going to take us two weeks to travel from the Southern island to the Northern island. Then we have two weeks of relaxation in Fiji and searching time for Wilson (Cast Away for the non cinephiles).

Kaart Oceanie
The last and final part
On the 16th of October we arrive in New York where our epic road trip in America starts.

Kaart Amerika
As you can see we have quite a journey ahead of us with loads of miles to cover with our tiny Chevrolet rental car (please God of rental cars, let us have a larger car than we booked. Thank you in advance, Liz and Suus). We hope to see as much as possible and tick off as many boxes of our bucket list as possible. Our grand final will be in New York City on New Years Eve to watch the ball drop.

That’s our journey in a nutshell people.

xoxo Suus and Liz


One thought on “The road of the dutchies

  1. Wat een goed en spannend verhaal! Heel veel plezier en geniet van alle bijzondere mensen en dingen die jullie gaan tegenkomen. Kijk met plezier uit naar jullie verdere verhalen,
    Hartelijke groet, Colette.


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