Yes we made it!!!

Greetings from Hanoi!!! We made it peeps, halleluja:) 

Road to Hanoi

Day one, also known as shit this is really happening, yeah. We arrived around eight at Schiphol Airport, said goodbye to our parents and boarded our twelve hour flight to Singapore. We slept, ate (as much as you can eat and enjoy airplaine food) and watched movies. Some were better than others, loved The Kingsman by the way, my god who is that hot guy???? Anyhoooo made it both sans puking in Hanoi. Minus one pants, because Lizzies got ripped at the seem and that was the end of her Hollister jeans. Epic, but less is more… 

Schiphol zeg maar dag

Singapore airport

Once in Hanoi we got our bags, thank you luggage god, and we seriously had a guy waiting for us with a little white sign that read: Susanne and Laise, apperently suus was traveling with someone else;) Took him about an hour and for us five heart attacks, before we arrived at our hotel, The Mariotte with two t’s. Great room, except the lock didn’t work so they had to fix that. Went out for a “little” walkabout. In the end we walked for four hours, in which we took many wrong but fun and lovely turns. Searched for the hotel for almost an hour, had to run for our lifes. Thank god Gerard Joling wasn’t driving those scooters (Liz get’s de Telegraaf on her iPad) and had dinner for two euro’s in a pitoresque little diner. Had a heart attack because the cola we ordered had ice cubes, we said “screw it we’re thirsty so might as well drink. Bottoms up!!”:)

Hoan Kiemm Lake
Hanoi Hilton

Great story; when you arrive at your designated location make sure you check what time it really is over there. Liz set the time for seven thirty in the morning, went downstairs, no one was eating. We were like “wierd it’s eight fifteen why is no one eating?” Went on our merry way. Bloody hotttttt!!!! Saw the red bridge, the Hoan Kiemm lake, saw the turtle shrine, Jade temple, and walked and ran for our lifes to the st Jozef cathedral. Here we saw not one but TWO weddings taking place, super cute. And the church was lovely. On the road again, we made our way to the Hoa Lo prison also known as the Hanoi Hilton, very interesting. Then we went to a bookstore for the airconditioning and ate a sandwich. Still hot;) we checked the time at the shop and thought, “weird 12 in the afternoon instead of one, maybe they got the time wrong.” Went to the national Vietnam history museum, closed!!! “What closed?” But we had such a good time table, nottt;) Suus asked the time, “it’s one thirty right?” Dude behind the counter, shakes head first, laughs, gets out his iPhone with cute baby picture on it, and what do you know???? It’s 12.30 omgggg, Liz was living in a whole different timezone, hihi. But it worked out great, chilled in a park in front of the beautfull opera and chillaxed. 

The Opera

Vietnamese people chillaxing

Next up museum and we walked back to our hotel, found it in one try!!! Applause applause:D Now we’re back in our Hotel, chilling, de-hotting and thinking about our upcoming days. First one more day in Hanoi and then up to the Ha Long Bay!!!! 

Keep you posted, 

Dutchies on the road 😉


3 thoughts on “Yes we made it!!!

  1. Hey Dutchies, all this sound great – jeesas, where do you get that slang, guess its Dutchies watching American movies w/o translation. Amazing !! Have fun, Uncle Rudolf


  2. Hello there,

    It’s funny to read your storie’s.
    I’m LOL here behind the computer.
    Have so mutch fun as you can get! And take good care about yourselfs!

    Anja (from the library Hilversum)


  3. So you made it to get there and I made it to read your first adventures in another timezone. Have fun and keep writing so we’ll enjoy your trip as well.


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