Too hot to handle ;)

Day three in Hanoi and what a day that was. Luckily Liz had changed the time on her phone, so instead of waking up before the crack of dawn we made it downstairs around eight. Breakfast was served with huge ass bananas that we devoured like we meant business.:) We had a whole day planned, but we didn’t plan the weather and Susan’s blisters. It was incredibly hot and humid. We were sweating and kind of stumbling down the street towards our first item on the agenda, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. 

It was a Saterday so the whole of Hanoi/Vietnam decided it was a good idea to stand in the blistering heat, without water (couldn’t bring it) and waiting to enter the Mausoleum. What an experience by the way. Once in the cue, after Suus was sommend to buy a t-shirt (have to wear sleeves) we made our way down the line one step at a time to see Ho Chi Minh. He was balsemed so he was just lying there on a dark blanket with flowers around him and people walking around him to watch his death body. Then we walked around the royal grounds and saw his cars, his polehouse (sounds weird) and his garden. Peeps, if you are ever in Hanoi make sure you visit the Mausoleum, to check off your to do list. 
Back on the road again we made our way up north to see the palace grounds, the citadel and then on to the botanic gardens and the lake. Then we got oursleves back into first gear and headed out to the Temple of literature. We saw the same tourists as the day before (probably because there aren’t that many foreign tourists here) and almost died on the way because we were so freaking hungry. We hopped into the first diner/cafe we could find and after the electricity went out a couple of times (which means no fans:() had a lovely afternoon dinner before visiting the Temple. 

It is a beautiful temple, but we were so hot and tired after walking for six hours that we decided to get a TukTuk to get back to the hotel. Epic experience, the two of us upfront and the kind and very old gentleman, riding his bike like there’s no tomorrow, in the back. What would have been a two hour walk took about thirty minutes. Yeahhh, definitely something you should do in Hanoi, just sit down, when you think you’re gonna crash and with the help of a couple hail Mary’s, make it back the hotel!!!! 

Tomorrow we’re going to be picked to venture out to the Ha Long Bay. One night on the boat and one night in Cat Ba, exciting!!! We’re going to be back in Hanoi on Tuesday and hopefully have enough time to take the train to Ninh Binh to visit the Unesco Trang An and then head down south. Time flies when you’re having fun! 

Till next time! 

Suus and Liz


One thought on “Too hot to handle ;)

  1. Hi Girls, having a great time there in Vietnam! ” a journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step”. You are travelling the world, living the dreams of many others, we enjoy fom a distance !


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