We’re going down

Yesterday we took the sleeping bus to Ninh Binh and arrived hot and big eyed in the city. The busdriver made us get out on the main street. We were like where the fudge are we???? Siri, a nice guy from Bangkok gave us a great tip, to download map.me, my god fantasic app to find your way even offline. We didn’t have the app yesterday, so with our Monsters on our backs we wandered the streets of Ninh Binh. Luckily an older gentleman on his scooter who spoke not a word English and showed us the way. We were so freaking happy to be at the hotel, a lot of high fives on our part. We looked like we had walked a marathon with the Monsters on our backs and saw the same German people that we had with us on the boat at the Halong Bay, super funny. 

   Waking up early seems to be the right idea when you are in Vietnam. It gets so humid and hot in the afternoon that it is almost a little too much to bear and walk around for hours. Luckily we had rented two scooter drivers to take us around Ninh Binh and to Trang An. My god that was an experience, we jumped in a small boat with two other Vietnamese people and a little old lady rowed us across the water and through nine caves. Wow the lady knew how to work those oars. We saw two little goats on one of the karsts and breathaking views in and outside the caves. The scooter dude’s were waiting for us when we got back, so much fun and they drive like maniacs;) Lunch was served in the local fastfood restaurant, we were dying for a burger and a coke. You know when you are in Italy and dying for a peanutbutter sandwich, well we were dying to get our hands on some greasy food;) 

 Next on the agenda is Hue, But first we are going to have to take the sleeping bus. Can’t wait see what kind of wierd movie they have playing on the bus tonight:) 

Laters!!! Liz and Suus


One thought on “We’re going down

  1. are you sure your parents want to hear all that 🙂 … glad its not Pia who is doing all this .. cheers, Rudi


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