Howdy hooo from Hue!

The nightbus, what to say about that dear bus? Have you ever watched Harry Potter? Well picture the Knight Bus and picture us in that bus, going down the highways of Vietnam, trying to hold on and brace for impact. To say the least it was an experience, seven hours in a bus with mostly Vietnamese people, snoring and talking at three in the morning about god knows what. And you are there thinking shut the fudge up, but we both listened to our music. Metallica was Liz go to, to drown out the voices. Sometimes when people are talking you think they are about to go full metal jacket on each other when they are probably just discussing what to have for dinner the following evening. 

We arrived in Hue around seven in the morning, we were dropped at a place where dreams go to die and had to find our way from that desolate spot. was there to guide us, praise the lord, through the sea of screaming Vietnamese people, “you want hotel, very cheap, cheap hotel.” Luckily there were two Islandic people wo wanted to share the ride and who paid for the trip in the end, hihi, one point for The Netherlands. 

From their hotel it was about fifteen minutes walking distance to Hue Boutique Hotel. Lovely city Hue, once we got to the hotel the kind people there offered us a free breakfast with delicious Vietnamese tea. Liz loved the tea and for five dollars pp a night, we loved the place even more:) 

 After a quick breakfast and a much needed shower, we got oursleves in second gear and headed out to explore the city. Saw everything there is to see. Headed to the South of the city, saw the local church and a tomb that has been closed forgotten. We had dinner in the backpackers district and made our plans for the next day. First we went to see the chaotic local market Dong Ba market and off to the citadel. Beautiful, we probably walked around for three hours in the heat and being amazed by the large buildings and temples. For dinner we sinned and had hamburgers. Somehow rice everynight is indeed something to get enough off after allmost two weeks. Not totally a surprise:) 

         We have a scedule to keep so the next day we walked to the bus with our monsters on our back, were usered into a taxi. Taken to the place where they hooze down the vehicles and had to pose for pictures because apparently we are an anomaly for people. Hilarious but after the fifteenth picture you are kind of like, “free taxi ride, two for the price of one, very cheap.” 😉 
Next up Hoi An!! 

Suus and Liz 


2 thoughts on “Howdy hooo from Hue!

  1. Dear dutchies, love to read the blog and keep up with your adventures. What a great experience. Enjoy every bit of it, although eating hamburgers in Vietnam????? they have wonderful food up there. noodles instead of rice might do it? haha. XXX


    1. We are definitely enjoying the journey to the max and getting half asian by the food. So to stay to our true selfs it’s just really necessary to eat a pizza or hamburger once in a while hihi. New updates coming soon and maybe we’ll see you in the states? Xx


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