Hoi!!!! From Hoi An

What a town Hoi An. Can’t compare it to any city we’ve seen since being in Vietnam. And time really does fly when you are on the road, almost two weeks in Vietnam and we’ve already seen so many amazing things. But first “hoi” from Hoi An. The bus dropped us off yet again on the outskirts of the city, got two men on scooters to take us to our Homestay, just a couple of minutes from the old city. We had to share the shower and bathroom, but we didn’t mind bacause the place was beautiful and cheap. 

We only have a short afternoon and evening to explore Hoi An so we immediately went on the road. We had a super tasty local lunch called Cau Lau. It’s a dish with noodles, salad, pork, some sort of fried wontons and a super tasty sauce. It was so delicious that we went back for it the next day:) 

After the lunch we went to explore the old city. It was so refreshing to walk here because there were no scooters allowed. The old city is beautiful to see. So quiet with all the different styles between the houses with European and Asian influences, loads of trees and lanterns hanging from the trees. We would say it was very pictoresque. We wanted to go over the famous Japanese bridge but apparently you had to buy a ticket for this. So as the budget travellers that we are we went over a nearby bridge:P we later discovered that you had to pay for the whole old city, so we were lucky to avoid all the ticket checkers. 

   At night we had a lovely local dinner in the city on a balcony where we could look out over the river and citylights. The next day was an early start, yet again. Not only because we were getting picked up at 8 to go to the temples of My Son, but especially because everyone here in Vietnam starts their day loudly as soon as the sun rises. 

The trip to My Son was amazing. We had a Vietnamese guide who thought himself to be hilarious and talked barely understandable English. It was really beautiful to visit. A temple complex in the middle of a forest and mountains discovered by colonists in the 19th century. Not everything was still standing, but the details on the buildings were beautiful and you could still go into some of the temples and meditation rooms.

     After this amazing excursion we still had a few hours to spare before we would go to the next city, Nha Trang, and enjoy this city a little more. Now we have a very long bus trip ahead of us, more than 12 hours!!! Oh dear help us;)


   Xoxo Suus and Liz


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