No rest for the wicked;)

Nha Trang aka russified beach city

Peeps what a ride we are on, it’s unbelievable. We have seen so much in these three weeks it’s not even funny. Okay maybe a little bit, but we’re beating you guys to the punch. Let’s start with Nha Trang. Okay so our “dear” bus picked us up in the evening, took a fudging long time to get to Nha Trang and the whole night Liz wanted to do something not entirely legal to the person below her who was talking, in his case screaming, to the guy sitting next to him. 

Anyhooo, we were as allways dropped at a far away local parking lot where random vietnamese dudes flocked to us in search of getting us to buy a really expensive taxi ride. And as the budget travelers we are we dicided to walk. And peeps we Walked, like really walked with our Monsters for AN HOUR AND A HALFFFFFF!!!!! on our backs, to get to our hotel near the beach. 

The hotel was so freaking awesome, like you wouldn’t even believe. We crashed in our room and said we’d close our eyes for a couple minutes…. Those minutes became two hours, but we needed it after our ride and walk straight from hell;) 

Later we went to have lunch at the beach after we made the not really thought through dicision to get our clothes cleaned (in the most expensive hotel to date:) maybe not so great money wise, but clean clothes are worth a million bucks, okay not really but who’s counting. We could always wear our undergarments backwards, iellllllll okay no no no, hihi. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent walking around the city to try and confirm our bus. We were looking for number seven but NOBODY I MEAN NOBODY ever told us that number seven was smashed between number 178 and 180. Really peeps the logic???? Anyway, found the gruff dude, got him to comfirm the bus, wanted to screw us by having us pay an additional fee for a quicker bus. We were like, “really dude a faster bus, we weren’t born yesterday, have you been on the road  here lately, well have you???” 

Next stop was the beach, so nice with a capital N!!! Do you speak Russian? Well do you? We do not, maybe we should have learned more than Privyet (Hello) we should have learned something in the lines of, “hey can you buy us dinner? Drinks, anything?:)” just kidding but you get the point;) In short, we saw more Russians here than we have in our whole lives and everything is in Russian here, super funny. Next day we woke up early, met a nice guy from London and went on our merry way to Da Lat. So “Do svidaniya!!” 

Going up the mountains to Da Lat

Da Lat as the guidebook said is a Swantastic place to visit. There’s actually a beautiful lake in the middle of the city where you can rent a swan/boat monstrosity in which you can ride around the lake, while peddling like there ain’t no tomorrow. Sure as oreo’s didn’t do that. We did walk around the city, slept in a nice little hostel thingy, run by a sweet grandpa who walked around in his pj’s the whole day. Apparently that is the latest style amongst Vietnamese grandpa’s, way to rock the pj’s gramps, own that shit!!! 

 Went and visited the crazy house, epic to say the least. The owner is an architect and designed a kind of Peter Pan Lost trea house, amazing and scary at the same time. Liz swore the whole way up and down, while grabbing a trea trunk for support, and Suus was laughing hystarically because of the height. Next day, after sleeping in our sleeping bag liner, “sorry gramps but the bed had a little, “hold a lighter to the sheets and set the roof on fire kind of feel to it.”

   Luckily we were going to be picked up at our hotel in the morning. Car came, angry dude motions us to enter the car, we ask Mui Ne?? Shakes his head indicating yes. Get dropped at the local bus station, we stand there on the sidewalk like what now??? Asked the driver what the deal was, he turned fifty shades of white, and the dude noticed he picked up the wrong people!!! Noooo, okay system overload. We go back in the taxi make our way through deadlock traffic get dropped of by our hotel, we are like nooooooo what now, because we are too late for our own bus. Two angry looking and shouting IceLandic people almost run us over,  “you took our taxi!!!” If looks could kill. Liz almost wanted to quote “Two Fingers” by Jake Bugg but was to busy hauling monster behind her;) Luckily a hostel manager called the bus company and the bus made a U-turn and picked us up. Next up one bumpy but beautiful ride through the hills of Vietnam to Mui Ne, where we could only think of a Harry Potter scene in the Knight Bus with “why the long faces, man”.

       Mui Ne, our in between relaxing place

Mui Ne, a place with more Russians (seriously why Vietnam of all places?) and a great hotel on a hill. Off course should have known when we booked for the name of our hotel was Mui Ne Hills that it would be on an actual hill. And it was, by golly we don’t know how we got up that freaking hill with the monsters, but we took that hill sweaty and all. On the way to the hotel, (we walked by the way, again….) we met the Dutch manager. Booked a room for two nights and got upgraded from budget backpacker to living large world travelers with an ocean view and huge balcony.  

 We chillaxed for three days, swimming, going to the beach, eating as Jack Johnson sang “Banana Pancakes”  We were beat after our search and confirm mission. Slept untill ten in the morning, read fantastic cheek heating books at the pool:) Listened to Avenged Sevenfold, Jay-Z and Kanye West, all in all a couple of well filled days. And yet again we had to search for our confirmation location for our last bus to Ho Chi Minh and walked for two hours in the burning heat (does it ever endddd???;) hihi. Thank god we still had a day of chillaxing after this.

 Next stop Ho Chi Minh, the last city on our Vietnam itineray. Keep it real peeps and till next time! 

Xoxo Liz and Suus 



One thought on “No rest for the wicked;)

  1. Oh man, Joke wie geht es dir mai all den news ?? Klingt ja manchmakl sehr aufregend !! Und woher haben die Mädels diesen fantastischen slang ?? Viele Grüße an alle, Rudi


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