Goodnight Vietnam

Unbelievable. The last 3 weeks have flown by and were definitly amazing. Wouldn’t want to miss it for a thing. We’ve seen so many amazing things, like mindblowing nature, diversity of local people, eating super tasty food and seeing very different kind of city’s. Some were more beautiful than others. Like Hanoi, (in it’s own way), the Halong Bay, Trang An, Hoi An, Mui Ne and Ho Chi Minh City. 

Before we go amy further let’s tell you something first about our last few days in Vietnam which we spent in Ho Chi Minh City. We said our goodbye’s to Mui Ne and especially to the kind lady who made lots and lots of yummie banana pancakes. We jumped in the oh so missed local bus with our monsters and hit the road again. The trip to Ho Chi Minh City was in particular very scary for Suus who thought this was the end of the trip because of the heavy rainfall. Liz was her relaxed self as allways and we are happy to reveal that we arrived save and sound in the next city. 

One of the first things we noticed was that the city is the most western one we’ve seen so far here in Vietnam. This was immediatly proven by the fact that we saw a McDonalds and a Burger King on the same street. It was already late so we had a quick dinner and went back to our nice Banana Leaf Hotel. The next day was filled with exploring the city. We went to a couple hotels where journalists stayed during the Vietnam War, saw the Notre Dame, Post Office and Hotel de Ville. Breakfast was again not included so we had our first ‘Western’ coffee and, yes this is very bad, a coffee donut at Dunkin’ Donuts. Oh the shame, but it was delicious. 

Next on our list were a couple of markets. At the first one they sold all kinds of army stuff and zippo lightners. At the second we were overwhelmed by all the people who wanted to sell us the most random shit you’ve ever seen. We were almost running to get through and make it to the other side and quickly went to the next stops on our list, the Reunification Palace and the War Remnants Museum. The last one was very impressive and made you reflect on the Vietnam War. The next day we took it to the next level on our Vietnam Tour by going to the Cu Chi tunnels.


These underground tunnels were dug before and during the Vietnam War by the Vietcong and are about 250 km long. The mood was established by our happy go lucky guide Locky. He sang his own Cu Chi tunnel song on our bus ride with the melody of ‘Green Green Grass of Home’. Uber funny and weird. Like is this really happening? Yes it is. The tunnels and the ground around it were super interesting to see. You could spot secret tunnels, trenches and recreated houses. Last but not least we went into the tunnels. Super intense. We only went in there for about 10 minutes but it seemed much longer. We had to crawl the whole way and the only thing Suus could think about was where is the freaking exit???!!! Unbelievable to think that people lived in these tunnels and the tunnels were even smaller back then.

The next day was filled with water. Not only from the Mekong Delta which we visited but also from all the rain. The rain season has finally started people. The Mekong River was amazing to see. We visited My Tho and some Islands. Went to a bee farm and tasted honey tea and royal yelly and had us some local fruit. We ate and drank that shit up like it was free, but of course it wasn’t:( Next up was a coconut candy factory where local woman made candy, which you could also buy. Not touristy at all:p We had a basic lunch and then the heavy rain started up again and the rest of the items on the Mekong Delta list went down the drain. Back in the city we had our last supper. You would think we would splurge on some amazing local food, but no. We didn’t have a lot of vietnamese money left so the one company that had cheap food was, surprise surprise, McDonalds!! Hahahahaha. We had a McChicken menu and enjoyed it till the very last bite.



Tomorrow morning will be hell because our bus is leaving at 6:30. Got two mouthwatering sandwiches and two coffees and were all set to go. 

Whoever said travelling is about sleeping in, hasn’t been backpacking yet:)

Talk to ya in Cambodia.

Xx Suus and Liz


5 thoughts on “Goodnight Vietnam

  1. Hi Suus and Liz I’am very much enjoying your adventurous stories! Sometimes it is of I’am sitting on top of one of the monsters😀. I’am looking forward to the next one!
    Have à nice trip and take care! Greetings Baudien Xx


  2. It seems a combination of enjoying and suffering reading your stories. Very nice to read. Enjoy your trip and stay keeping us informed!


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