Bangkok here we come

Sorry people;) It has been a very long time since our last post, but sometimes you just have to find your chill and relax on beautiful white sandy beaches with palm trees on the coast of Thailand (jealous yet?). But that is an epic tale we tell later. First lets start with our journey to the third country of our trip: Thailand!! We took a bus and a mini van from Siem Raap (sad to leave this lovely town) to Bangkok. Had to cross the border and peeps we tell you this, it was really, no really weird. First we got picked up at our hotel by a tuktuk, dropped of at the local bus office and wait till our bus arrives for about 45 minutes. Bus doesn’t arrive in front of the office. No, because that would be too handy. No we have to haul monsters across a very busy street to another street were our bus awaits. 

We decided to sit in the back because most of the time it is an oasis of tranquility, but not this time. The first thing we both heard was a lot of grunting from a female and male in the back. “We need water!!! I’m so drunk!!!”, the girl from Canada yelled through the bus. Guy from The States answered back, “man I can’t believe we got tattoo’s!!!” Girl stands up and shows the whole bus her new tattoo, on her stomach, it spelled the last name of her boyfriend!!! Hour in, girl asks guy, “did we have sex??” Guy grunts, “yes I think so but I was to drunk to remember.” Aka great entertainment on board.

Then came the border. Well we’ve seen borders before but this one was out there, to say the least. First up, five minutes before the border we needed to get a sticker because as the guy from the bus said, “no sticker, no bus.” Ominous… So border came, dutchies go out wearing the lovely red sticker and haul our monsters without any guidance through no mans land all the way to the Thai border. On the Thai side spotted our group of people and were ushered into a van and taken to a reststop where one could eat. Dutchies don’t have lots of money so we passed on lunch and waited on our mini van to Bangkok. Sat next two two Australian DJ’s and watched Hannibal the series with them, awesome and gruesome at the same time. And then came Bangkok.

Bangkok, Bangkok what to say

We were dropped off at Khoasan Road aka backpackers central. Our hotel was right across the street. Lucky us!! Dropped our bags in our windowless and cheap room and wandered around town. Loads of backpackers here and older genteleman with certain thoughts on their minds. As we dutchies call it, “viesie!!!” Had dinner on Khaosan Road and called it an early night because the next day our tour plans would commence. Well those plans lasted about five seconds when we both made the “happy room” into the “not so happy room”. 

Next day woke up and had a couple of sites on the itineray. The Grand Palace, The What Arun and What Pho. Guy comes up to us and tells us about different sites to see, because the palace opens at 1 o’clock. We were like okay perfect. He explained that it’s like 30 bhat to see the city and you get dropped of at a place where they have free maps. FREEEEE!!! Whoehoe. Well what one has to learn in Bangkok is that nothing and I mean nothing is free in this world. Nice tuktuk driver though, took us around Bangkok. Saw the standing Buda and the golden mountain. Amazing to say the least. 

Then he dropped us off at the tourist info center. Well it wasn’t technically a tourist center. It was a center were they lure tourist in to tell tales of hidden traps in Bangkok as well as Thailand as a whole. Where bus tickets get more expensive every day, why you have to book with their company and if you won’t comply the ground will open and swallow you whole. In short, guy made us an offer on our trip through Thailand we almost choked because of the price because it was 3 times our budget!! We ran out there without having booked a tour. Thank god!! And peeps we are still waiting for that FREEE MAPPPP!!! Tuk tuk driver dropped us off after that at the palace. Saw the Wat Pho and glanced from afar at the what arun because it was as many things under construction. Walked along the river, diverted very pushy tuk tuk drivers yelling at us, “YOU WANT TUKTUK MISSS!!!TUKTUKKKK MISSSSSS??????” 

In the next few days we saw a great house, like the home of Jim Thompson, google it. Had a lovely tour and saw the modern city and the skytrain. Saw bangkok nightlife and strolled around the city meanwhile making pit stops back at our hotel where we slowly lost about twenty pounds worth of … You know what I mean;) Last night we went to sleep early because we had to catch an early morning train to Ayutaya. Around three in the morning we wake up to voices coming from across the hall. “Ohh baby yes, come into my room.” Old English guy whisperd/drunkinly yelled. “Ohh baby, come into room.” Lots of laughing and door closing. Twenty minutes later (that was quick;) dude lets two ladies who likes to listen to Roxanne by The Police a lot out of the room. Goes back into room and comes out again slamming door, yelling and going all ape shit bananas on Roxanne one and two. Insert Cardiff accent, ” WHERE IS MY 10.000 BHATTTTT???? YOU STOLE MY 10.000 BHATTTTT!!!!!” Roxanne one, “no baby you gave me 1000 bhat”. Guy goes ballistic on Roxanne’s and threathens to call the police. Yelling like a loon all the while slamming doors and yelling about his precious bhats for allmost two hours. Guy had an itch and he scratched it a little to hard, hahaha!! 

 All in all those three days in Bangkok were memorable to say the least. Ups and downs, but unforgettable!!! 

Dutchies out;) xoxo 


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