Sniffing some thai culture

Hi y’all here we are again. In the mean time we are allmost going to Malaysia but first we have to catch up you on what happened after Bangkok.

We did some mayor research about what to do after Bangkok, but we knew for sure that we wanted to visit Ayutthaya and Kanchenaburi. The best and chaepest way to go was by train, so off the dutchies went to catch our first trainride in Asia to Ayutthaya. The trip only costed around half a Euro, so that was nicely on budget. We arrived in the city and again all the people were yelling “tuktuk lady tuktuk” to us, but it seems that we were getting immune to it so on we went with our monsters walking all the way to our hotel. 

Here we rented a bike to see the city and all the cultural highlights of Ayutthaya. Not only because that’s the easiest way but also because we were still a little bit weak. And off we went. Ayutthaya itself isn’t very special and it’s center is a huge park with all the remnants of the old city. Beautiful to see, but of course cannot be compared to Angkor. After a day off exploring we went to the night market with a Dutch guy Thomas we met that day and had a lovely pad thai. Only they seemed to have accidantely thrown a whole can off sugar over our plates so it wasn’t the best meal ever:p We couldn’t stop laughing at how ridicoulus this was but tried to eat something to not be too rude.





Bridge over the River Kwai

The next day we were off to Kanchenaburi. We’ve read that you can do this easily by public transport so off we went to the busstation. Here we took a mini van to Suphanburi and then the public bus to Kanchenaburi. It only costed around 260 Baht for the two off us while at the hotel in Ayutthaya a mini van to Kanchenaburi was 450 per person. So yeah to the budget of the dutchies!!

In Kanchenaburi there isn’t a lot to do. We visited the WWII cemetary where Soldiers from the Netherlands and Great Britain, who died while building the Birma railway under Japanese control are buried. Very humbling to see. A highlight was our first pizza in Asia of which we were dreaming about for such a long time and it was sooooooo darn gooooddd. Nomnomnom. Then there is off course the bridge over the River Kwai. The bridge itself was partially bombarded in the war but later rebuild, you can walk over the railway and the bridge. 

 There is also a WWII museum. You would think this would be about the war and the railway but it ended up to be one of the weirdest museums we’ve ever seen. It started with a build cave with weird ass paintings on the wall of caveman. They were all naked and touching each other, so Liz walked out of there super fast while saying “yeezz perverts get a room.” Then there were leftovers of the war exhibited. Literally leftovers because it was all stuff left by the Japanese after they lost the area and war. They were all dusty and rusting so our heritage hearts were bleading. The rest of the museum was even worse. It was like they had room left so they just dumped everything they had in there, like money, licour, camera’s and pictures of the king, with plates with “don’t use liquor.” We couldn’t get out of here fast enough, because who the hell are THEY to say that to us, US?!?!:p

Until the next station:) Suus and Liz


2 thoughts on “Sniffing some thai culture

  1. Hallo Larissa en Suus. We vinden het erg leuk om jullie te volgen. Mooie reis die jullie maken! Wat een avontuur. Geniet ervan!!!
    Groetjes Ron en Marja. Purmerend.


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