Living the island life

Thailand has an incredible amount of islands that one can visit. A lot of people choose Koh Tao or Koh Samui. But we had the time and went all in. First stop was Koh Tao. If the guidebook was right our time there would be magical and above all relaxing. We took a night train and then the ferry out to the island after a couple of hours at the dock. There we were immediatly invited by screaming Islanders getting us to take a taxi to our hotel. Like the backpackers we are we decided to walk. In short an island means hills and hills there were. When we finally reached our hotel we were exhausted. Luckily we got an upgrade to an enormous room overlooking the water. All the people had gone to the party island of Kho Phangan for the full moon party that evening. For two days we relaxed in the water, swam and Liz chased away a turtle (not intentially;) Suus will never forgive liz for chasing away Squirt. 



Because we really wanted to see Koh Tao we missed the full moon party thinking there would be a party every night. So we hopped on a ferry to the island. What the Dutchies did not know was that when their aint no full moon party, it ain’t no party island. So for three days we roamed around and enjoyed one of the quitest beaches known to man. Had great Mexican food and made plans for the upcoming days. Koh Samui was then on the agenda. It promised to be a white sandy beach island with resorts to match. We headed out to Lamai beach. Crashed in our fan studded room and made the beach our home for the next few days. Weird thing is apperently Swedish people have made the island their second home as well. We had dinner almost every day at Erik’s, dude from Sweden who made delicious chicken curry sandwiches. Little breads of heaven. Calm before the storm because we had the nice idea to go to Khoa Sok national park. But first we had to get there. 

Luckily we have the internet where one can inform and brace themselves for what is to come. First we had to go to Surat Thani aka scam central. Seriously if you ever find yourself there make sure to leave the city as soon as possible and do not, DO NOT believe a single word that comes out of the peoples mouths there. We were dropped of at the bus staion, aka not the bus station. We thought a very kind looking old lady guided us to the place to buy a ticket to Khao Sok, she did, but to scam place number one. 

After five or so Liz was kinda losing her patience and cool. Luckily guided us to the right busstation and we bought a ticket for the regular price without being scammend. The road to Khao Sok was lovely with a lot of green and rain. So much freaking rain, waterfall rain!!! Not thinking about the fact that it was rain season right now. Damnnnnn. And rain season was active all over Khao Sok. We hadn’t booked anything and leaving the bus we let a guy bring us to jungle huts. Literally a hut in the jungle. Amazeballs and with the high humidity not so amazeballs. Here we found out that they searched Suus her backpack but luckily nothing was taken out. 

Welcome to the jungle

Because of the rain we only booked a daytour to the national park. And here our adventure began. Although we were close to the entrance of the park we had to drive for almost 2 hours, because the pier is on the other side. Here we got on a longtailboat to our lunch place where you could also sleep for a night. This was all ok but then the dutchies went jungle trekking. We thought it would be a nice and quiet walk. Well think again. 

Because of the rain season the path was a muddy pool of destruction where Suus her birkinstocks were almost lost and there was so much water that all the caves were filled and couldn’t be entered. Our guide was telling us with a big smile  on his face that there was water coming from the caves that we had to wade through. This wouldn’t be so bad if the water wasn’t as high as our freaking waists and moving so fast that we were barely hanging in there, while slipping and almost falling to be dragged along and be forced to live with the gibbons like a new Jane in the jungle.


Our shack

People with money shack





In short it was an experience we will definitely never forget and looking back would never have wanted to miss it. Allthough at the time, the dutchies looked at each other numorous times, scared as shit with big eyes to match:p 

Xoxo Suus and Liz


5 thoughts on “Living the island life

  1. Hi Suus and Liz! Exciting to read your stories! I’am very curious to know where the two of you are right now on Bali? Luckely on Bali there’s no rainseason at this moment!
    I hope you’ll enjoying the island just as much as we did, so lots of fun!
    XX Baudien


  2. Dear Suus, Happy Birthday to you and what a wonderful spot to celebrate. Your mom told me you saw dolphins today on your trip. Enjoy Bali and relax a little before you start your new stretch. Will have a toast on you both tonight. XX Simone


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