The man with the golden bucket

Long time no post, hihi. We’ve been enjoying some quiet time and not so quiet time in Java and Bali. So much has happened but let’s start with Phuket. We met a German girl while visiting Khao Sok National Park and she was like, “don’t go to Phuket!! There are filthy old men there who get it on with little kids and it’s so crowded etc blah blah blah.” We were like, “no way man no one can tell us what to do.” So long story short we went and they almost forced us to stay there forever. 

Liz really really really wanted to see James Bond Island. Epic stuff, the same location where they filmed “The man with the golden gun” movie. Got a nice and cheap hotel after some serious walking. We are still on a budget so off we went again. The bus dropped us of outside the city center and we had to walk almost five kilometers with monster on our back to the local busstation. Aka random place in the city where busses stop at the side of the road. Dutchies took the bus and were dropped smack in the middle of Phuket. Such a nice and quiet city, great for a family vacation, NOTTT!!! Haha, seriously it was fun to see, it was like a retreat for people who want to get their grove on. Everyone is going to Hooters and are becoming mildly intoxicated or recovering from something. You know life is like a box of chocolates and once you walk into that massage parlor in Thailand you never know what you are going to get;) 

With high spirits we walked the streets in search of the perfect discount tour to James Bond Island. After some sightseeing found one, we were so happy, little did we know what the island would have in store for us….. But that’s for later (is the tension building yet:P?)

The next day we were picked up at our hotel an hour late because they couldn’t find it. Okay strike one. Dutchies went by car but what they didn’t tell you is that getting out of Phuket involves steep and roads that were build by Satans little helpers. Liz was this close, THIS close of singing Frozen’s “Let it Go” if you know what I mean. After some driving we arrived at the dock. Wasn’t hard to miss with the million or so busses with tourist pouring out of them. Liz was so excited, like a kid in a candy store. Took the boat out, first to see a floating village. And eat there, guide was like, very good food, insert some kind of doom song, dutchies going of to their imminent dimise.





The food looked so lovely, don’t you agree and we were hungry, so freeking hungry. So we ate and ate. After that canoeing, but dutchies means “no money” so no canoeing for us. Fine by us, we couldn’t wait to see the island. And after a hop skip on the boat we arrived. And it was epic, Liz was thinking highlight of Thailand. Highlight hands down, for shooo!!! Took a busload of pictures. Yeah!! But like a lot of things you build up in your mind, the rock in question is always smaller than you expect, no pun intended;) 

And then insert James Bond tune, we got in the car and drove back to our hotel. Liz was really starting to feal the ride. “Suus how long???” Five minutes later, “okay I’m slowly loosing all sense of time and space.” Luckily car dropped us off in the near vicinity of our hotel. Liz sprints upstairs with only one thing on her mind ‘the golden bucket.’ Meanwhile asking herself, “what would JB do?” Well James would probably do the same as Liz, start puking at around seven. During this time of Suus holding Liz hair and back rubbing she was glad that she was feeling fine. But then, around eleven, Suus started up, and together the dutchies took turns throwing rainbows into the golden bucket. Suus almost fainted and in her PJ’s roamed the streets in search of water. We were both wishing and crying for the Living Daylights. Long story short we survived, barely… After four nights, instead of the planned two, we were able to check out. Saw more of our room in Phuket than the city itself. So peeps if you ever want to visit the island don’t eat a damn thing on that floating murderess village. If this was a JB movie, they would saying Doctor No. NO EATING!!!!! 

Who run the world cats

After thinking the world was ending we finally escaped Phuket to Kho Phi Phi trying to get some Vitamine D in. We survived the boatride, but we can’t say that about everyone because some of the people were hanging overthe rails. Guys we feel ya. After 3 freaking long hours we arrived at the coconut island of Kho Phi Phi. We stayed in the most basic room ever with cosy concrete floors, windy fan and a nice cold shower. We’re on a budget peeps and we know it. After dropping our stuff we ran out of the lovely room in our bikini’s. And then we saw them. Cats. Everywhere. And we’re not even kidding. Everywhere you looked you saw one, or two or so much more. They even printed it on their shirts: ‘who run the world? Cats’. Aka kho Phi Phi is cat heaven. 
Trying to enjoy the beach was made difficult by the tropical storm which tried to blow us of the island and the rain which forced us to shelter a couple of times. So not so much vitamin D but more exploring the city, enjoy some nice food and drinks and acting like a pirate aaaarrhh, because the island itself also could be the perfect set for a modern pirate movie.

After two days our Thailand journey was allmost at an end and we headed to Krabi. This really was a lay over city for us because there was litterally nothing to do here. We walked around the pier, up and down up and down. Our highlight here was a super cute coffeeshop and we finally had our guacemole (we allmost cried it was such an emotional moment:p). Trying to see some nightlife which was non existent so we went back to the hotel early and enjoyed us some wifi, because those moment are really precious in Asia. Next off to Malaysia truly Asia.

More posts to come, internet kind of sucks. But then again maybe we’re of drinking martini’s, shaking ohh whatever, hihi!! Liz can’t wait to see Spectre btw!!! 

Hugs and kisses


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