Malaysia truly Asia aka land without food 

Exciting our third country by a couple random mini vans and tuk tuks we finally made it to the border of Thailand and Malaysia. In our hallucinating state of mind in Phuket we bought some train tickets online, because there aren’t many ways to exit Thailand and tickets were almost sold out. We immediately became aware that Malaysian time means 3 hours later than it should be, because the train should have left at 4, but instead it left around SEVEN, everybody looked at us like we were the crazy ones. “No seven!!!” So the waiting game could commence, with only a cup of Maggie noodles. Epicness….

The train was a sleeping train so we had our own beds which we had to share with our monsters. Super cozy:p The ride took us to Kuala Lumpur which as we experienced is defenitely not a city where one can easily walk around. Unless you like running for your life as on ongoing taxi comes at ya. For what should have taken us half an our in a normal city, lasted for nearly 2 hours over there. We quickly found a hotel in Chinatown and our quest for food began, again. And lasted until we were in Java. Okay just kidding, but because of the Ramadan there wasn’t anything to eat except for the famous fast food chains. And seriously peeps one can eat so many chicken mcnuggets before you have some serious mcfreakout!! 

So off we went again exploring the city and somehow, we don’t know why, but we had to wade through groups of men waiting, eating or just looking at us wide eyed. So weird like they never met or saw a girl before. The city itself is very big with a couple of must see places. We saw them all. First off course Chinatown, a famous square with some colonial buildings and central market. The walkabout continued as we made our way to the park. It was so not a walk in the park. First there wasn’t much of a park. Just an asfalt road around the park going around a bird sanctuary, where they could spread there wings and mayby fly away as far as the chain on their little legs would take them. 

Our walkabout ended after a nice metro ride with the Patrones Tower where we finally got ourselves something to eat. Liz was barely hanging in there, she was so freeking hungry. Nandos, oh man you saved us. Those wraps we still have dreams about those perky little borritos, and that spicy sauce, nomnomnom. And endless coke (the drinking kind, I could hear you guys thinking about something else;) it was like coke heaven. Probably drank to much but free is always good. Headed out to Patronas Tower. Wow very big and something you don’t see every day. We continiously pinched each other not believi g that we were really here. Inside there are so many overpriced shops, we got really sad and secretely cursed everyone out, walking out of Patronas carrying a: a starbucks and b: something from Louis Vuitton. 

Walked around the building and sat outside to look at the tower. Not much looking because evryone and mostly men wanted to take a picture with us. We could have just dropped a had at our feet and waited for the money to pour in. Could have bought one of those Vuitton bags. Walked inside and around Patronas for hours and saw them light that mother up. It was sweet. Ohh and check it out we saw this Banksy, we were screaming on the side of the road like crazy, love that street artist. 

Dutchies looking for dutchies

Next stop Melaka. We did our groundwork and got on the subway again and stopped at the futuristic bus terminal. Waited for the bus to take us to Melaka. Took about three hours, once there we waited, again, got another bus to take us into the city itself where our homestay would be. Never seen a city that small be so busy. Everywhere you looked there were people and a lot of Asian tourist, wow. Our homestay was in the middle of Chinatown, run by an old grandpa. Our room, aka squaky bed was upstairs and downstairs were two rundown bathrooms. But he did have free thee, yeahh. Then it was dinner time. And then there was no dinner time for the Dutchies. We couldn’t find anything or anything that was in our budget or open for that matter. Luckily we spotted a nice little coffee place that also served amazing sate ayam with home made finger licking sate sauce.

No free brekkie from grandpa so we found some kind of omelet on toast which tasted more like foe yong hai. But we were happy to have something in our stomach. Off to see some dutch heritage. First stop was the Stadhuys. The museum here started off very proffesional and informative but then they had to put in the weird ass puppets portraying all kinds of weird ass local traditions. In short the dutchies couldn’t get out fast enough end went up the hill towards the old church. This was very beautiful to see and there were loads of old gravestones of dutch colonists who died here. Suus history heart was beating fast. 

 We also saw a graveyard where a couple of Dutch people were buried, where once again we were the only ones, spooky. After that we were hungry again, or Liz was hungry again, not one of the greatest surprises of this trip hihi. Stopped by a large mall, because that’s a place where they allways have food and ate some sandwiches there. Walked by a large VOC boat, seriously you don’t have to go to Melaka to see that just go to Lelystad. The poor boat was flooting but that was about it. When we got back to grandpa’s place after diverting little duped out Frozen vehicles for dear tourist to see the city in, with ‘Let it go’ blaring in their ears we asked him about the best ways to get to Singapore. According to him it was apparently the end of the holiday for the locals, there could be a possibility the busses would be a tad full. After getting directions from grandpa we basically ran to the bustop and on to the terminal to check if they still had tickets to get to Singapore. 

 What do you know, everything except the shittiest of shitville companies wasn’t sold out. We were like book it, we got the last two seats. The next day Liz sat in front and Suus way in the back of the bus. A hellish ride that took us first to the Malaysian border. No one said anything we just got our bags exited the bus and ran to customs. Luckily there were people from our bus who said where we needed to go to catch the bus again. And then the Singapore border, bear in mind that traveling in Asia had worked out up until that point. No leaving behind the Dutchies, only checking our bags for valuabels (dude you know who you are, hope something nasty will bite your ass if you ever check tourists bags for valuables, in the dark ever again, may the fires of Mordor swallow you whole!!!!!:) 

Short break in western civilisation

Busdriver walks through the aisle, “you have twenty minutes at the border, TWENTY (looking at a couple other tourists) TWENTYYYYYY!” We were like okay chillax dude we got this, you just drive that bus and everything will be peachy. Well peachy our butties, once we got through customs with all hundreds of other tourists, after thirty minutes, not to shabby;) And went looking for the bus, the TWENTY MINUTE DRIVER was gone and took the bus with him, turns out dude wasn’t kidding about those twenty minutes. After weeks, no months of traveling Singapore was going to be the place where the Dutchies were stranded. Had to wait another two hours for the next bus, busdriver was like you have to wait outside because other passengers have to go first. Our response was laughing, throwing the backpack into the bus and claiming our seat, get us outta here!! 

Finally arrived in Singapore with their amazing subway network and helpfull peeps. Singapore was amazing, a breath of semi pulloted fresh air. Saw so many epic things. The Raffles hotel, the Riverwalk, enormous buildings, churches the whole shabbang. And they had food there, food and Starbucks. We were like yolo to the max two latte and two muffins, please sparkle sparkle eyes. Heaven must be missing a muffin;) walked for hours back and from our hostel.

 The next day it was already time to leave, walked through Chinatown and got on the subway to the airport. Had the most amazing burger there, with onion rings and french fries. Checked ourselves in and waited for our Airfrance/KLM flight in our backpackers outfitst. We really looked like we hadn’t showered in days and had partied with rockstars in lastnights, last last last nights clothes. Sprayed some perfume on us and we were set to go. Flight took only an hour and a half. Watched movies Suus watched Avengers age of ultron, Liz watched When Harry Met Sally. Touch down in Indonesia, next up is Jakarta and Bali.  Sold out train rides, no food again, a Mountain. And eat pray love country. Until next post😘

 Laters xxxx


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