The many faces of Bali

Our first stop in Bali was Lovina. Loved it! We had an amazing little hotel with a swimming pool and a room to fit twenty of our Monsters. We crashed after we arrived in our room. Funy thing, apparently Bali is one hour ahead of Java. Nobody told us that when we were on the ferry or in the car heading to Lovina. We had booked five nights in Lovina and we just vegetated on the beds by the pool, walked around the town and the pebble beach. Not a lot of tourists here, great to just chil and relax after traveling for such a long time. And what do you know Suus birthday was coming up!!!! And every day we had banana pancakes, sweet!!! Epic day we got up really early and on the back of a scooter were dropped of at the beach, were a boat awaited us to take us dolphin spotting. We’d never seen real life dolphins, it was unforgettable. Saw so many dolphins, pure bliss. Had dinner and Suus even got a candle on her birtday cake, yeah!!! Dutchies being Dutchies couldn’t just sit around and veg out at the pool so we booked a day tour. Visited a waterfall, a water temple, a buddist temple, a coffee plantation and rice paddies as far as the eye could see. We loved just hanging out by the pool, catch up on some reading and make plans for the upcoming weeks. 

  Next up Amed, an upcoming tourist attraction where people can snorkle or dive. We booked a homestay with free wifi!!! Really strange peeps there, kept asking us what our program was every single day, like dude what can you do here snorkle or dive so pick one. Snorkling was beautiful saw so many fishies and Nemo’s second cousin once removed;) The only thing that was not so great about Amed was the food, every single day we tried out another restaurant and every single day the food didn’t resemble food. We had a pizza and seriously that was the most discusting piece of doe or more like a cracker with sweet tomato’s that reached their exparation date on top. 

Got ourselves a ride out of Amed and a whole bus just for the two of us to take us to Ubud, made famous by Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Eat Pray Love.’ It was like everyone in Ubud was trying to find their inner “eat, pray, love” vibe. Well it was so growded you couldn’t even find your inner peace or yoga zen vibe. For this you had to walk outside the city and then you found yourself walking between the rice paddies or the jungle. This is what we thought Bali was all about and we found it. We walked there for hours, got kinda lost, ate at a cute warung in the middle of the rice paddies and on our last day in Ubud we treated ourself here to a super relaxing Balinese massage overlooking the rice fields. Unforgettable. Even though we were in our birthday suits for everyone to see. But yolo:p

 We also went to the monkey forest or as Liz mom calls it the holy Apenheul. We aren’t a big fan of loose walking monkeys so it took a lot of our inner piece to even walk there. For example if you get to close, a monkey gets hold of your hair and pulls and pulls some more and won’t let it go. Yes we really saw this happen. And the monkeys are trained to steal your stuf. So while walking in a good upbeat tempo while taking pictures it was realy great to see. Especially the nature here with small waterfalls and rivers and jungle with temples in between. Another highlight was the elephant cave, Goa Gojah. Because we’re on a budget we took a walk, a 5km walk:) While walking Suus noticed Liz was getting quieter and quieter and going slower so she pushed her into a Warung and ate a deliscious local plate of food. The elephant cave itself isn’t really special. It’s more the surroundings that are really inspiring, with the water and jungle and meditation place. Really a nice and relaxing place.

 This is something we really really needed because that morning we were just awake and having our breakfast. And then the guy who gave us our breakfast told us we had to change room and walked away. We were like what? What are you on about? You have to know that we really aren’t morning persons and when they are coming at us with news like this and with several ridicoulous reasons why we had to change rooms, which was just their fault, something just snaps. Liz got her groove on and got her American accent out and went ballistic. It was hilarious to see their faces and the only thing they could give us was a discount of 3 euros so we were like no. We’re checking out. Well they didn’t see that coming. While they were throwing books we gave them their money and checked ourselves in over at the neighboors. Bye bye.

All in all Ubud was weird, beautiful and especially very touristy and busy. Definetly not what we expected but we think that goes for many people who come here. Next stop is Kuta. We already heard that this was like the Salou of Bali, so we were ready for everything. It was definitely very crowded and especially dirty. The crowd also existed of many older Australian people so we were glad we only stayed there for three nights. For our last week we wanted to just really relax near the beach without many hassle. Google took us to Uluwatu. We took a taxi and after we got dumped we walked looking for a place to stay. We saw a sign in the form of a surfboard saying cheap stay, 150m. So we walked into the alley and walked some more. The road ended at a stairs going down to a clif. Looking at each other we were like what? Yolo, went down that clif with our monsters where there were some really basic huts where we stayed for a few nights. It was amazing. Allthough the beds were far from comfortable so we barely slept, but the view and the constant sound of the ocean was so worth it. Getting sleep deprived we finally moved to a hotel and stayed there until we had to fly out agian. It was the most relaxing week we had so far, enjoying the things we were seeing, the things we have seen, talking about our lives and dreaming about the future and what it will bring us.

Now almost off to freaking Australia!! Oy mate we seriously can’t believe it. We are super excited and also kinda sad that the first three months of our journey is almost at an end. Time has gone by so fast like you won’t believe. Most of the time it feels like we’ve just left, and looking back at the pictures we took on the road, we look at each other like have we really seen all these amazing things? In such a small time frame? We are definetly super super glad that we chose to go on this journey and experience all these amazing things and seeing a fraction off to world. We can’t wait to see what the road ahead has in store for us.
Talk to ya next from the outback:D

Xxx Suus and Liz


2 thoughts on “The many faces of Bali

  1. Iedere keer weer genieten van jullie fantastische verhalen en prachtige foto’s.
    Alsof je er zelf bij bent.
    Have fun,
    Marja Butterlin, vriendin Annemieke Lambooy


  2. There is no road to happiness, happiness is the road, Buddha

    So great to follow you both on this road, great stories, great pictures😀!


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