Finding the preciousness in New Zealand

Next up was New Zealand, the land of the Hobbits. But first we needed to get there. With high spirits we embarked on our next leg of our amazing journey to the land of the Hobbits. Our flight left early that day from Melbourne to Christchurch on the Southren Island. When we arrived at the airport and wanted to check in the system didn’t recignize us. What? Noooooo!!! 

Went over to the New Zealand Air counter and asked what was up with that. Apperently we weren’t even on the flight, we were like Helleuuu we are. They made it seem like it was our fault but after we showed them the e tickets they made us go to Virgin. To make a long story short, Virgin had booked us on another flight back to Brisbane in the afternoon and Christchurch in the evening, still operated by Air New zealand though. Luckily she could book us on our normal flight. So glad we were way on time at the airport before take off and still got our coffee before take off.

Man, flying over New Zealand is already unforgettable with it’s high mountains with snow and hilly valleys. We expected it to be supercold over here but thankfully we were ok in our sweaters. We arrived in the late afternoon in Christchurch so we could still have a little taste of the city. The city is really beautiful and small, surrounded by flat lands and way ahead you can see the mountains rising. Unfortunatly the two earthquake from a few years back are still present. Old buildings are still under construction and there are parking lots where buildings are flattened. But they also have ways to deal with it such as a small container shopping center. 



And then Queenstown. We took a bus which we booked beforehand at home with a 10 trip pass. Super handy and really cheap, but with the weirdest name ever: Nakedbuss. Yes people, and we know what you’re thinking, no the bus driver was not naked. The bustrip was amazing as were all our trips. The only thing we did was staring out of the windows at the beatiful landscape we passed by. And the driver even let us get out at random places to get a picture!! Jeeh!!





 Queenstwon is an awesome city. Really relaxed ski village atmosphere lying at a beautiful lake surrounded by snow topped mountains. The weather was so so, but we kept ourself warm with some hot cocoa and a few beers:p


In Lake Wanaka we did a day stop to walk around, you guessed it, the lake. The hostel was shit so we tried to stay away from there as much as possible, but it was cheap, so whatever.



Our next busride took us to Franz Josef where there is a gletsjer. What a beautiful ride firstly through a pass where we made a stop at a lake and waterfall, had a really good coffe with carrotcake and saw seelions in the distance with the busdrivers goggles at the beachstop nearby a rainforest. We finally stopped at Franz Josef which is a village of maybe two big streets and some side alleys and that’s about it. Aka the place to be:p



We wanted to go on the gletsjer but as allways we didn’t really looked into it and it was a little bit more expensive than we thought. So our budget travel hearts were bleading but we really wanted to do it. And we’re so glad we did it. Wow. That was so cool. Really a highlight of our trip. And we even went in a helicopter to get there!! Jealous yet?:p And after that we went into the glacier hot pools and relaxed in 40 degrees water.







The next few days consisted mostly of travelling over land and water to the next island where we went to Rotorua. Here we got a glimpse of the maori culture, smelled the rotten eggs smell from the geisers everywhere and did a really pretty walk through the red woods. 









And then came the part where we waited for the most and why we really wanted to go to New Zealand: Hobbiton. And it was amazing. We were really lucky with the good weather and nerded out to the max. Took tons of pictures, went to Bilbo’s house and had some cider at the Green Dragon. 











We spent our last days in New Zealand in Auckland just walking around in the city and surroundings. 


All in all New Zealand is unfortunatly one our highlights of the trip. And we say unfortatly because we really want to go back and travel around more on the southern island. So New Zealand, see ya in the future.

Hugs and kisses, Suus and Liz


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